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Trail Butter Pros

These peeps are nuts for Trail Butter. And, we're super honored to support their journey. Interested in joining the team? We typically review applications once a year around December. Click here to stay informed.

Heather Anderson

Endurance Adventurer

Inga Beck


Dylan Bowman

Ultra Runner

Faith Briggs

Filmmaker, Storyteller & Adventurer

Jeff Browning

Ultra Runner

Molly Cameron


Alison Criscitiello


Maria Dalzot

Mountain Runner

Yassine Diboun

Ultra Runner

Adam Edwards

Whitewater Kayaker

Iago Garay

Mountain Biker

Hillary Gerardi

Mountain Runner

Joe Grant

Mountain Athlete

Tyler Green

Ultra Runner

Angela Hawse


Brette Harrington


David Laney

Ultra Runner

Willie McBride

Ultra Runner

Joe McConaughy

Ultra Runner

Krissy Moehl

Ultra Runner

Angela Naeth


Dan Patitucci

Photographer & All-Rounder

Caitlin Patterson

Skier & Mountain Athlete

Jacob Puzey

Marathoner & Ultra Runner

Dani Reyes-Acosta

Mountain Athlete & Storyteller

Gary Robbins

Ultra Runner

Drew Smith

Photographer & Climber

Sarah Sturm

Endurance/Cyclocross Racer + Adventure Rider

Lael Wilcox

Ultra Endurance Rider

Graham Zimmerman


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Trail Butter Spiced Chai was carefully crafted with local Portland products Kinglet Tea© and Jacobsen Salt©

"Chai and fail, but do not fail to Chai." - Spiced proverb


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