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Briana's Trail Butter Blondies

Trail Butter friend Briana thought to combine her two favorite climbing snacks into one and her famous Trail Butter Blondies were born! They are so good!

Kendra's TB Bambas Krispies!

When it comes to deliciousness this recipe featuring Trail Butter takes the cake. You won't have to think twice about making and then devouring this krispy nut butter creation. 100% yum. 

Jan's Chocolate (or Blonde!) Macaroons

Thanks to Trail Butter brand ambassador, Jan Zarella, for this scrumptious Trail Butter treat recipe. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below! Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Joe Grant's overnight pudding

We'll let Trail Butter Pro, Joe Grant, take is from here with this tasty (and easy peasy) overnight puddin' recipe:  Breakfast concoction! This is a typical style of pudding that I prepare the night before with variations depending on what fruit or spices I have available.

Muddy Trail Mud Pie

Try this incredibly delicious, easy to make Trail Butter dessert straight out of Ma Bogg’s kitchen. It’s become a family favorite in the Trail Butter household, loved by adults and kids alike.

Ma Bogg's Holiday Cookies

Our TB matriarch Ma Bogg’s has done it again with her Spiced Chai Holiday Cookies, made with Trail Butter Spiced Chai (when in stock) of course - but really, any of our nut butters will do! This is definitely one to add to your go-to holiday treats - we're certain the jolly man in red agrees... We hope you’ll give it a try. 

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